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Why Do Barack Obama Unfounded Rhetoric and Radical Associations Seem Insignificant?

The fact that Obama is ahead in multiple polls really disturbed me. How can someone who has not been truthful about his background and his records be so liked by the American people? How can the people of this FREE country like to hear what this guy has to say? How can the people of this FREE country get eaten up by his empty rhetoric? How can his 'SOCIALIST' like policies resonate so much with the people of this FREE country?
So, I decide to throw out there, some reasons that I can think of. Some other, I found from the internet. Here you go:
1) Americans hate Bush so much that anything that's tied to him is hated too. For the records, I love Bush tax cut policy, but I dislike his uncontrolled spending! And I think that's one of the reasons why our country is in huge debt right now!
2) Americans predominantly watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, ABC, PBS, Comedy Central (yes...I'm not kidding you, I heard my friend telling this to my other friend!) and only listen to NPR for their news source. They should watch C-SPAN once in a while!
3) American are not well informed about Barack Obama's proposed policies vs his records
4) Americans chose to ignore
Barack Obama's records of tax & spending and radical associations AND the true nature of his proposed policies (which is Socialist-like) subconsciously
Americans chose to ignore Barack Obama's records of tax & spending and radical associations AND the true nature of his proposed policies (which is Socialist-like) willingly

Out of all reasons, I found #5 to be the most disturbing. Why? Because if a presidential candidate's records can not be used as non-biased true predictors or indicators of how he or she would lead this country, than what can? Campaign ads, campaign slogans, rhetoric, fluffs?!?
If this is the answer, I would submit to you that we are finished! Let's just start reciting our "Viva Obama" chant!

I found more consolations in reason #1 - #4. Well, they're actually kinda tied together. The hatred for Bush, Americans are not well informed, and
Americans chose to ignore Barack Obama's records of tax & spending and radical associations AND the true nature of his proposed policies (which is Socialist-like) are the results of Americans predominantly watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, ABC, PBS, Comedy Central and only listen to NPR for their news source. Let's see the example below, about Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden debate coverage, the top one is the debate coverage by MSNBC and the bottom one is a coverage by Fox News. Basically they were discussing about all the alleged lies from both sides. Watch and learn!

MSNBC Coverage

Fox News Coverage

Okay, if you know nothing about what each candidate stands for, which coverage makes you feel like this: "this candidate is really a big LIAR and I can't believe he/she is arrogant enough to think that the media is not going to find out"? Exactly. If didn't know any better, I would say Palin is a big LIAR, she's so arrogant to think that the media is not going to find out! Okay...some of us knows who's for who :) Rove's for McCain/Palin, and Olbermann's for Obama. With the advent of Internet, it is really easy to find out whose "lies" are real LIES vs "lies" that are made up for political purpose. For example, one website that I like to go to, to see if any of these candidates' rhetoric are just that, rhetoric, or there's really some truth to them, is OnTheIssues.org. How did I found this site? I just googled "McCain voting records" or "Obama voting records". And voila...it's all right there, in front of the whole world to see. Going back to the lies discussion. I went to the website to check whose lies are real lies and guess what...I don't mean to sound bias here...of course it's Rove's list of lies that are the real LIES...of Biden's!
Again, just go to this website, ontheissues.org, to check out all the candidates' voting records!

I'm sure you have also heard about Obama's radical associations which bunch of people and organizations that are:

1) Anti America (Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright)

Do you honestly and intellectually believe that Obama who has been going to Rev. Wright's church for 20 years, doesn't know that his pastor hates America? How about the fact that Obama's 2nd book is titled and based on Wright's sermon "The Audacity of Hope"?
If you watch the video below, Wright gave several sermons at different times and of course the consistent theme is Let's Hate America people, America's no good, America's the source of all evil, well you get the point. My point is, it is so apparent that Wright's shown and heard to have been consistently hating America, and therefore, it is almost impossible for Obama (and dishonest, I might add) to say that he never saw that side of rev. Wright. He said, what's he's seen is the Rev. Wright who preached love, giving, caring for other people, and all the sermon topics that normal Pastors actually gives! Uhumm..and I am Shirley Temple! By the way, in addition to using Wright's sermon as the theme of his 2nd book, Rev. Wright also married Barack and Michelle, and baptized their 2 daughters. Now, if you don't trust that your Reverent, would you ask him to marry you and baptize your children? By the way, this article is really telling about "Who is Barack Obama".
And what about "Hate Speech" towards white people? Boy, this guy, Wright, sure knows how to give it! For some people that think that racism can only go one way, the video below clearly demonstrates that racism can go the other way! I'm not white and yet I am disgusted to see such conspiracy theory about white people being thrown around like that! It's clear that Wright is a race monger that should be distanced away at any cost - even if was going to run for only a PTA leader, I would distance myself away! And Obama is running for a president!
It is not clear to me why and how any sane person would want to associate himself with this guy. Period. Unless...they share the same view!

2) Socialist, Communist, Anti America, and Unrepentant Terrorist (Bill Ayers, all the above; New Party, Obama's socialist association)

I know that McCain has been trying to raise this association in his effort to portray Obama's lack of judgment. My question is, why just Ayers? Why not Wright as well? Anyways, it's beyond me.
And unfortunately, McCain's effort seemed to have failed as a lot of Americans do not resonate with his ad despite the fact that Ayers is a socialist, communist, anti America and an unrepentant terrorist. Why? I really don't know...it's so beyond me, that I decided to do my own research and found this article:
Why Obama's Communist Connections Are Not Headlines. Here's the excerpt:
The leftist intelligentsia that dominates higher education, and which writes the civics texts used in high schools -- I've read and studied these texts -- and which trains the teachers who teach in high schools, is not in the slightest bit notably anti-communist. These liberals do not teach the lessons of communism.

What's more, aside from failing to instruct their students in the crass facts about communism's unprecedented destruction -- its purges, mass famines, show trials, killing fields, concentration camps -- these educators are negligent in failing to teach the essential, non-emotional, but crucial Econ 101 basics that contrast capitalism and communism and, thus, that get at the heart of how and why command economies simply do not work. Each semester in my Comparative Politics course at Grove City College, it takes no more than 50 minutes to matter-of-factly lay out the rudimentary differences. Whereas capitalist systems are based on the market forces of supply and demand, which dictate prices and production levels and targets, communist systems are based on central planning, by which a government bureau attempts to manage such things. Capitalism is based on private ownership; communism on public ownership. Capitalism thrives on small government and taxes; communism on large government and taxes, typically progressive income-tax rates and estate taxes -- both advocated explicitly by Marx -- and much more.

This stuff isn't rocket science. It is easy to teach, if the professor desires. The problem is that it isn't being taught. Consequently, Americans today do not know why communism is such a devastating ideology, at both the level of plain economic theory and in actual historical practice. It is a remarkably hateful system, based on literal hatred and targeted annihilation of entire classes and groups of people. (Nazism sought genocide based on ethnicity; communism sought genocide based on class.)

Most Americans generally know that the USSR was a bad place and that it was good that the Berlin Wall fell; they lived through that. But they know little beyond that, especially young Americans in college today, born around the time the wall fell -- Obama's biggest supporters. Nowhere in America is Barack Obama worshipped as he is on college campuses, by students and professors alike.

What does it all mean for November 2008? It means that millions of modern Americans, when they hear that Barack Obama has deep roots with communist radicals like Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis, don't care; they don't get it. Moreover, the leftist establishment -- from academia to media to Hollywood -- will not help them get it. To the contrary, the left responds to these accusations by not only downplaying or dismissing them but by ridiculing or even vilifying them, given the left's reflexive anti-anti-communism. The left will create bad guys out of the anti-communists who are legitimately blowing the whistle on the real bad guys.
Based on the article, Americans seemed to be (alarmingly) open to accept someone, Barack Obama, who clearly had (or has?) some associations with people or organization who have socialist, communist agenda. And the cause of this is lack of education on this topic, socialism and communism, academically. What can possibly cause this? I think this is the answer. With close to 4000 professors from various famous universities and colleges show their dear support for Bill Ayers, how can the American people and youth even remotely think that socialism and communism are bad for this country? Unfortunately, it looks like the Gallup poll by education tracking supports my suspicion about the "normalization" of socialism (perhaps not to the extent of communism) in the US academia. Take notice of the percentage of the college level and post graduate level voters who support Obama vs McCain. When I learned about this whole petition and connect it with the Gallup poll results, it seriously made me sick to my stomach, to think of the possibility that my child, when she grew up, will have a good chance of being educated by some of these professors who signed the petition! It saddens me to see that this great country that was founded based on Freedom and Liberty is now being permeated, slowly but sure, by supporters of the socialist ideology. I mean, if they don't support the ideology, why in the world would they support Ayers?

Going back to Obama, there was a new revelation that Obama was a member of the New Party which was formed by members of the Democratic Socialists for America and leaders of an offshoot of the Community Party USA.

Okay, let me just put it this way...who are we kidding here...just like what Joe Biden says: Honey, if it looks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, IT'S A DUCK!...I would say, Dear American people, if he thinks like a socialist, if he talks like a socialist, if he governs like a socialist, then..HE IS A SOCIALIST! Seriously, I should just write Palin's campaign speech...I'm sure she would appreciate this!

On serious note, if you are interested in finding out why socialism and communism are bad, please check this website out. Basically, the notion that everything can be taken care of by the benevolent government is a very dreamy and euphoric idea, an idea that can only be exercised by surrendering your basic rights, freedom and liberty, to the government. And what the government gives, it can take away. Watch the video below, it might just open your mind.

I also found this great article detailing how Hitler Won Over The German People. It's so great that it disturbs me even more about this US election because it has a lot of similarities with the German election when the Germans ended up electing Hitler. Here's the excerpt:

It was a manufactured consensus, a propaganda construct, with repression of political opponents, "racial enemies" and other outsiders to the proclaimed "national community" as the other side of the coin. The "superman" image of Hitler amounted to the central component of the fabrication. Already before the "takeover of power" it had been the creation of the most modern, hugely successful, political "marketing" strategy of its time, masterminded by Goebbels. And once the monopoly of state control of propaganda fell into Nazi hands in 1933, there was no obstacle in the mass media to the rapid spread of Hitler's "charismatic" appeal.

Sounds familiar?? And to think that these Leftists always try to associate Bush with Hitler!
And if you think Hitler is not a good example of a socialist, this article may change your mind!

3) Racist (Ayers, Pfegler)
Watch Rev. Wright video above.

4) Corrupt (Rezko)

5) Anti-semite (Rashid Khalidi who worked with PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) in the past)

It is also worth noting that it has been confirmed that there is a video of Obama toasting the radical Khalidi at a Jew-bashing dinner event to honor Khalidi in 2003. The LA Times has this video but won't release it!

6) Committing Vote Registration (ACORN)

This article (with a picture in it) is pretty much self explanatory.

Even with the numerous amount of evidence about Obama's radical associations, I won't be surprised if some of you will say what's the big deal, it's just guilty by association. No. Guilty by association is one thing. Guilty by participation is another thing. If you take a more detailed look into each of the asociation, Obama was not necessarily a passive associate, i.e. he did not just sit by the sidelines and watch his beloved friends doing all these henious acts. He participated in acts that certainly are in support of their agenda. For example, Ayers. They both sat in the Woods foundation where Ayers, as the chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, appointed Obama to administer $50 million to advance the project agenda of "education reform" not by improving math and science, but by politizing the student body and "radicalizing them". And guess what group that Obama's administered the fund to: ACORN. What a nice coincidence huh?

We must ask ourselves about Obama and his radical associations:
1) Does he actually share the ideology of these radicals that he associated with?
2) Did he just use these radicals to get ahead in his political career and dump them when it's politically inconvenient? Just like when he disowned Rev. Wright when pressed thousand times by the media (i.e. Fox News!)
3) Was he just a clueless and naive young man from Chicago who had a lot of HOPES to CHANGE the world that have blinded him from seeing what these radicals are all about
4) Was he just possessed by the alien that wants to take over the earth? **wink**wink**

Answering YES to any one of the questions above, on top of his lack of experience and supporting records for his campaign rhetoric SHOULD be enough reason to not vote for him and disqualify him to be the President of the United States of America.

Lastly, I truly believe that the Main Stream Media and the penetration of US universities by the leftist (and radical) ideology are the predominant culprits of why Barack Obama unfounded rhetoric and radical Associations seem insignificant. Perhaps...just perhaps...people will start paying attention when things that we take for granted, slowly but surely, perish under Obama's presidency:
a) Walmart, Target
b) Quality Education
c) Quality Healthcare
d) Conservative Talk Radio (see Fairness Doctrine)
e) Competitive Pay for Workers
g) Innovativeness
h) Driving your gas guzzlin' SUVs
i) Freedom NOT to support and fund an ideology that you don't believe in (see Freedom of Choice Act, Obama is a proud supporter of this)
Here's an excerpt of Freedom of Choice Act:
By enacting FOCA, we will establish a federal law guaranteeing reproductive freedom for future generations of American women. This guarantee will protect women’s rights even if President Bush and an anti‐choice Congress are successful in reversing Roe v. Wade or enacting even more restrictions on our right to choose.
With a single stroke of the pen, the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) would wipe away virtually every state law on abortion nationwide, allowing abortion-on-demand in all nine months of pregnancy for any reason and without any restrictions. And guess what...since it will become a federal law, it is unavoidable that our taxpayers money will be use for this disgraceful act.

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