Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama, the greatest swindle in the history of American Media

Today I woke up and read the following from the respected Times of London,
"Germany and France put mountains of cash on the table today as they led
continental Europe in an offensive to rebuild trust in banks with state
guarantees worth over one trillion euros"

That's right my friends, with the current Euro/Dollar exchange rate, that's almost twice the value of the package passed by the US Congress which seems to be responsible for Obama's leading in the polls.

During the last eight years, the governments of the leading EU countries have been socialist or socialist leaning: Labor in the UK, Schroeder up to 2005 in Germany, Chirac up to 2007 (Chirac didn't do anything to counter the policies of the socialist party in France such as the 35 hours working week).... Yet Obama keeps saying the ultimate responsible for the the current financial crisis are the policies of Bush during the past 8 years. He keeps saying it, and the media lets him get away with such nonsense. We all knew that the MSM exhibit a huge liberal bias, but this big, with this magnitude? Are the MSM nuts or they are just part of the greatest swindle in American's Media history in order to help elect Obama?

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