Sunday, October 19, 2008

Back on Track

So I have to apologize for being delinquent on my last two posts. I was out of town and also sick which explains my absence. However, during this time I have been keeping close tabs on all the recent developments and I have to jump back in to get down and dirty again. Many of my McCain supporting friends have been in a funk lately citing negative polls and a barrage of doomsayers who claim McCain is all but finished. To those friends, I say nothing can be further from the truth. Here are some good points to meditate on and share with potential friends of yours who may be on the fence.

Ayers is a legitimate target. I know this is so yesterday's news but Bill Ayers is a legitimate concern. Much has been said in the media that McCain and Palin (the desparate and evil people they are) have resorted to low down smear tactics on Obama because they continue to remind us of the true nature of Obama's good friends. In this case, the media is flat out wrong. To question Obama's association with Ayers, Bill Wright and other radicals from Obama's past is proper diligence. If someone was applying to be a scout leader, but they were close friends with a known unrepentant pedophile, it is only just and valid to take that association into consideration especially as a negative. In fact you would be negligent in not disclosing this type of negative association. Again, this is not being dirty it's being diligent. If you have ever had to apply for top level government security clearance, you know that all of your associations going back to high school are fair game. Barack Obama is applying to be the leader of this country. If he closely associates with and is influenced by people who are unapologetic about their desire to destroy this country then the Anti-Americanism of those radicals deserves to count against him. This is especially applicable to Obama since he has no record of ever standing up for his country. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but a good way to put it into perspective for others is this: If John McCain had been a close friend of someone like a KKK member who was unapologetic for attacks that killed an ethnic minority John's campaign would be done. We would be the Bloggers for Mitt Romney.

It's The Economy Stupid...but who is stupid?. We all know that the biggest issue is the economy. Stocks are plummeting, 401Ks are in the crapper and long time trusted institutions are going to that big financial bank up in the sky. According to the pollsters Obama's recent lead in the polls is due to the perception that he is better at handling this economic fear and malaise that has gripped our nation. But what has he done that indicates he is a financial savant? Quite simply the answer is nothing. In fact, everything that he has done has been the opposite. His economic plan has well known holes in it with handouts masquerading as tax cuts and his energy policy if enacted will be costly if not flat out impossible. Obama has never demonstrated any overwhelming command of economic issues. Nor has he provided any leadership in the Senate on any economic issues unless you count his insane Global Tax Proposal which aims to take a ridiculous amount of money and give it to the UN, no strings attached. The UN. The Hugo Cavez Loving, Arafat pandering and Ahmedinejad admiring UN.

Obama is a condescending snob. And it shows. Now I'm not too fond of arugula (although I will never set foot into a Whole Foods again since they sold me cement for toothpaste) but Obama has revealed time and time again he is nothing but an Ivy League elitist. The famous "Guns and Bibles" comment is particularly revealing and still sits in the mind of many voters. Like many elitists, he thinks that people in flyover America don't agree with him because they're too ignorant or scared. I'm not the most religious person in the world and I don't own a gun but it's lame politicians who make me bitter. Obama tells you how to maintain your car, how to talk to your children, what you should eat and how much money you should make. But take heart America. This campaign has shown that the more confident Obama gets, the more he feels he can get away with telling us what he truly thinks of the common person...and it aint nice. Obama's snobbery and elitism will rear its head again before this election is through.

Don't worry about Colin Powell And don't bash him either. Powell is a good citizen who has served his country well. He will always have my respect and admiration. He's no dummy either. He sees an opportunity to score big and has a really good out in case things backfire. This campaign has had defections on both sides and a significant amount of betrayals. Just ask Hillary. While I defend the man, I think that Colin Powell's reasons for choosing Obama are asinine. Oddly, Powell cited McCain's negative campaigning as a reason for his support of Obama. But how can someone who has served in the Bush administration and been witness to the most vile and hateful bile ever directed towards a political figure take offense at anything McCain's campaign has done? Furthermore, he cited Sarah Palin's perceived lack of experience as a negative but he calls Barack's non-experience "fresh". What a blatant double standard. Nevertheless I still respect the man. In many ways I feel sorry for him. He has now put himself in the same camp as those who ridiculed him for years such as Al Sharpton who called him a "House Negro" and Jeremiah Wright who lumped Colin along with Clarence and Condamnesia as the worst type of sellout.

So in these last few weeks before the election I encourage everyone to get the word out on these points. Engage your friends who might still be undecided. Get your McCain stickers on your cars and your laptops. I've got one on my guitar amp. I'm also encouraging friends to contribute to McCain's campaign and do some volunteering. The race is far from over and a lot can change in the next two weeks.

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