Saturday, October 18, 2008

Europeans' passion for totalitarianism: Jörg Haider

So much for "European enlightenment". I just read in the news that the funeral of Jörg Haider drew 25000 people:

"Thousands of Austrians packed the southern city of Klagenfurt on Saturday to mourn Joerg Haider, a politician who was denounced as a Nazi sympathizer in the 1990s but had remained hugely popular as a provincial governor"

Nazi = National Socialism. That's right. I am not saying that all European socialists are Nazis; all I am saying is that Europeans' passion for socialism has less to do with love for "spreading the wealth around" than "spreading the wealth around among us". And who is "us"? Well, go and check how difficult is to get each of the different European citizenships, compare that with the process of becoming a US citizen and you'll understand better. For instance, until 2000, Germany had a very strict Jus sanguinis citizenship law! After the law changed, it's easier for children of non Germans born in Germany to get the German citizenship, but it's still not a straight forward right as in the US.


Anonymous said...

The notion of the "planned economy", as visualized by Marx, sounds good at first... However, the socialist economy is highly inefficient and requires that decision makers elevate the needs of some over the needs of others based on some predetermined heuristic. Equity requires a decision but who is entitled to make the decision; that is the question!

Pablo said...

Godwin law!!!
Argument is over