Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama Will Raise Taxes!

Why does Senator Obama want to raise taxes, even though it will hurt the U.S. Economy? It is hard to understand why Obama spreads myths about the so called benefits of raising taxes.

Here are some of the most common myths about Obama’s tax plan:

1. The middle class will not be taxed – Obama wants to take money from families who have earners at all levels of income; everyone has family members who will pay more taxes, which leads to less money for food, gas, utilities, housing and education for all.

2. Only people earning over $250,000 will be taxed – To pay for Obama’s increased spending, Congress could raise taxes for those earning $100,000 or more. Obama hasn’t explained how he will repeal tax breaks for wealthy lawyers, senators, and politicians, or how he will define earnings... Take home pay? Gross earnings? Net income less expenses? Adjusted Gross Income? What?

3. Rich people sit on gold bars – Obama thinks rich people sit on gold bars, but they actually invest their wealth. After the stock market has lost 40% of its value, during his run for President, investors who help create jobs are struggling. People that own businesses are now trying to cut employees and make remaining employees work harder.

4. Government can create jobs – Obama has never owned a business, so he doesn’t know that government intervention can only help businesses create jobs or prevent businesses from creating jobs. Government entities hire very few people and can’t directly create jobs.

5. Taxation is investment in the future – Obama wants to remove funds from people’s bank accounts, partially by increasing the Capital Gains Tax, which will reduce 401K investment equity used by businesses to create jobs. On what is Obama going to spend your family’s money?

6. Patriotic to pay more taxes? – Obama and Biden think poor people, who can’t afford to pay higher taxes, are less patriotic than rich lawyers, senators, and politicians. Nonsense! Every citizen can be patriotic, even if they aren’t wealthy.

7. Raising taxes helps to spread the wealth around – Obama wants to increase government spending to support more government programs. What? Who? When? There is no timetable for success in these vague government programs.

Obama says he wants to raise taxes. Why would he do that when even the most junior of his advisors knows that it will hurt the economy and the middle class? Obama’s statements on the campaign trail have already helped to send the stock markets plummeting.

Just say NO to Obama!

Say YES to John McCain!

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Finally, the bottom line on Obama's lies!