Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Economists for McCain: 500+, including 5 Nobel Prize Laureates

This is a quick post. I found it interesting that despite the liberal bias existing in academia, 500 + economists with stellar academic credentials, are endorsing McCain's economic plan. The list includes 5 Nobel Laureates: Gary Becker, James Buchanan, Robert Mundell, Edward Prescott, and Vernon Smith.


Pablo said...

Americans think that McCain doesn't get it:

73% of Americans think that Obama understands their problems vs 48% that think that McCain does

From the same source we see that 51% of Americans think that Obama has a clear plan to solve their problems, while only 35% think that McCain incoherent babbling in the debate constitutes a clear plan to solve their problems.

McCain has even lost his image of leadership. Right now, Obama is considered a strong decisive leader by 61% of the population, while McCain is considered that way by the 63% down from the 69% that he had at the beginning of the campaign.

I think that the McCain campaign is doing a great job convincing americans.... to vote for Obama.

By the way, many of the 'Economists for McCain' are now trashing McCain's rescue plan.

Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...


Two quick things,

- The fact is that John McCain is still considered a strong and decisive leader by more people than Obama. In fact, many Democrats are getting nervous of that a lot of people might change their minds in the last minute that they are actively encouraging current Obama supporters to vote early. If they were so confident of their "large margin" and that Americans overwhelmingly prefer Obama, why are they encouraging people to vote early?

- The other fact, is that those economists you mention in that "objecive" report still support John McCain because they know that the alternative is New Deal 2.0.

Anonymous said...

Obama doesn't have a clue about the economy and he is partially to blame for the sell off on Wall Street. Most of what he says about small businesses and tax relief is a bunch of gibberish. Ask anyone. I wonder if Obama supporters are stupid or something. Start using you brain for something beside a spacer for your ears!