Monday, October 20, 2008

Job Creators Prefer McCain Four to One Over Obama

The economy seems to be the most important issue leading to November 4th. For all the media fanfare created around Google's CEO endorsement of Obama, it turns out that job creators overwhelmingly support John McCain for President,

For some months during this Presidential election year, Chief Executive has conducted specialized polling of CEOs’ attitudes on issues affecting national policy and the economy. In CE’s most recent poll in September, 751 respondents, more than double the usual number of business leaders, made their voices heard on their Presidential choice. By a four-to-one margin CEOs support Senator John McCain over his rival, Senator Barack Obama. More to the point, a thundering 74 percent majority say they fear the consequences of an Obama presidency, compared to only 19 percent who fear a McCain presidency.

By the nature of the survey, we don't know who is siding with McCain and who is siding with Obama. Yet, if Silicon Valley is any indication, among the CEOs of the top 10 companies in the Valley in terms of revenue, known CEO supporters of John McCain include Cisco's John Chambers, HP's Mark Hurd and Intel's Paul Otellini. Excluding HP's purchase of EDS, the combined revenue of those three companies was more than 180 billion dollars in 2007. Those three companies alone make more than one third of the SV150's 450 billion of dollars in sales in 2007. So! We know how "objective" the mainstream media is reporting these issues :D.

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