Monday, November 3, 2008

The Mac is Back!

Obama's Incendiary Remarks Compiled

Other people did the job for me, so enjoy!

Remember to Vote: New Media Study Indicates Bias for Barack Obama

Remember to vote on (or before) November 4th...

Before you vote, it may be interesting to you that the study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University found that coverage of Senator Barack Obama has been 65% positive, but coverage of Senator John McCain has been only 36% positive.

According to the study by researchers at George Mason University, there has been a documented media bias for Obama and against McCain. Does this influence your vote? I don't know. Should it influence your vote? I don't know that either. However, it is my belief that you should know about it.

The link below has the details. Judge for yourselves...


Additional References: Pew Charitable Trust Study of Print Media: "The media coverage of the race for president has not so much cast Barack Obama in a favorable light as it has portrayed John McCain in a substantially negative one, according to a new study of the media since the two national political conventions ended."


Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Grew Up in a Small Town, I Am Not Bitter

The evidence shows this race is tightening both in the popular vote as well as in the Electoral College. As closing argument to our viewers, I am going to remind them during these two days Obama's most incendiary statements and associations. I begin by his condescending "small town people are bitter" argument. Mr Obama, I grew up in a small town. Through hard work and dedication I have managed to accomplish many things in my life. In my way to Silicon Valley, through Pamplona, Paris and Madrid, I have met many people from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Yet, some of the most respectable and honorable people that I have met through these years, and regardless of their education attainment or ethnicity, come from small towns. Mr Obama, if you don't get it, maybe it's because the hard drugs that you admit you took in high school and college had a permanent effect in your brain. Alas, I grew up in a small town and I never took or tried those.

More Obama Socialism:'Do What I Want or You'll go Bankrupt'

Three Things the Obamedia Will Do to Depress Republican Turnout and Help Obama - From Hillbuz!

I found this very encouraging article from a blog by Hillary supporters, Hillbuz. If you're thinking there's no way McCain/Palin still have a chance to win this coming Tuesday, think again!
Please share this article with your McCain/Palin supporter and independent friends who might have gotten demotivated to cast their votes for McCain/Palin after seeing the poll #s on TV everyday! I honestly think we should just all turn to the QVC channel for the next 3 days until the election! Why? The Main Stream Media (all the local news and cable news channels, including the FoxNews, sadly) has done such a bang up job in making sure that we know that Obama is winning in all the polls - even the non scientific bobble headed dolls one!

The fact that Obama is leading 'comfortably', as one of the famous pollster said (I think it was Zogby) honestly, has scared the beejesus out of me. It has nothing to do with his race or skin color. It has everything to do with his tax and spending proposed policies, his sense of globalism, his sense of communism, his associations with groups or individuals who are either racist or socialist/communist or both and his lack of experience. How someone with all the aforementioned characteristics can be on the brink of becoming the president of this great free country is just beyond me! Hey, perhaps I should run in least all's I have is the lack of experience part!

If today were 09.11.01, I betcha (**wink**wink***) that BHO would not stand a chance of winning this general election, even being the presidential nominee coming out of the primary election! But let your hearts NOT be troubled my friends! According to our Anti Obama friends at Hillbuz, the ONLY thing that WILL stand in the way between Obama and the US Presidency is Us! Yep...US...all of US that support McCain/Palin, if we get demoralized easily by the Main Stream Media that has been relentlessly making us sure that we know Obama is 'comfortably' leading in all the polls.

So, here we go: Three things the Obamedia will do to depress Republican turn out and help Obama
(1) Calls for McCain to just give up and quit, because the race is over. This one is a favorite of the trolls who lurk on pro-McCain sites. We get them here, despite all the spraying and fumigating we do, but notice how we ignore these trolls We’ve identified two paid Obama staffers who have been assigned to HillBuzz. We picked them up around the same time people from Ace and LGF started picking up some of our stuff — so our guess is they were assigned to us by whoever was monitoring those sites. They’re different trolls than the ones assigned to us during the primaries (we only had one back then, so evidently we’ve gotten more on the radar now). One of them starts posting “her” concern troll remarks here at 8am. The other one starts “his” remarks around 5pm or so. It appears there are two shifts for the trolls — and from what we can see, they share the same computer and IP address. And it’s an address right here in Chicago. [...]

(2) Wild claims of Obama winning states that shock and surprise you. Since Obama believes there are 57 states (maybe 58 or 59, depending on how he’s counting that day), the Obamedia will report huge wins for Dear Leader in the states of Confusion, Denial, and Undress, with Atlantis, Oz, Hopetopia, and Leningrad all going to Obama early on November 4th — because everyone loves Obama so much, that places that don’t even exist have voted for him (with 100% of the vote of the dead, cartoon characters, and historical figures going to Dear Leader in unprecedented numbers). The best example of the Obamedia making up lies like this was on Super Tuesday, when every Eeyore we knew ran through the streets crying and pants-wetting, gnashing their teeth and yanking their hair as the sky fell around them — BECAUSE OBAMA IS WINNING CALIFORNIA! MASSACHUSETTS! ARKANSAS! TENNESSEE! NEW JERSEY! NEW YORK! WAAAAAAAAH! DOOOOOOOMED! [...]

(3) Repeated insistance that blacks and young people will decide this election, and they are all going to vote in record numbers for Obama. First of all, black voters have always voted Democratic in massive numbers. We don’t think blacks have ever voted for Republicans in any substantial way in any race we can think of. Blacks vote as a race-bloc, and they always vote for the Democrat. Maybe Obama will get blacks who have never voted before to vote for him, or blacks who don’t bother to vote on Election Day to show up and vote, but we doubt that it will be very many people. Black voters were highly motivated to vote in 2004 because they felt George W. Bush stole the 2000 election, and they saw that as a civil rights issue that increased black turnout to one of the highest levels we have ever seen. [...]

After reading this Hillbuz article, read these articles to pump yourself up! More importantly, read all the comments, if you have the time! Trust me, it's totally worth it! It would really make you regain your confidence (if you ever lost it, like me...:) ) that the chance of McCain winning is not just some wishful thinking, it can be made a reality...with our relentless support!
1) A Risky Prediction: McCain Will Win
2) Signs Pointing to A McCain Victory
3) Stunning Results in Early Voting in CA. Smile Redstaters!
4) GOP Internal Polls (NJ, CA, MI, PA) Show Possible Landslide for McCain

So, go out there and:
1) VOTE! Don't get demoralized by the MSM and polls!
2) Make Calls to the battlegound state. Go to to find out how!
3) Post comments on as many blogs as possible about McCain's chance of winning (quote this Hillbuz article, and other articles I give you) and Obama fake tax cut plan. This should be a priority over Obama's many radical associations as this it seems people don't care if they are lead by someone who "seems" to have socialistic view. But for sure, they SHOULD care about the money in their pockets and their jobs and how if Obama gets elected, they will end up with neither. And this is not a scare tactic my friend, just tell them that higher taxes lead to businesses spending cut which will eventually lead to businesses laying off people. No job, no money. And if they say...but..but Obama said bla bla bla (you know what he said about his tax cut plan) , just laugh, say that's BS and point them to this website: Barack Obama records on tax reform
4) Talk to your friends who are lukewarm in supporting Obama and are indifferent about this election. Do the same thing as the above. Also, use the right analogy to compare Obama's tax cut rhetoric with Obama's tax cut records. Ask them if they would trust a convicted bank robber to make a deposit for you at your bank? Ask them if they would trust a convicted child molester to babysit your children? Then....ask them if they would trust Obama, with his (lack) of tax cut voting records, to really cut their taxes?

Lastly, HAVE FAITH in the greatness of this country and its citizens!

We beat the Nazis and Fascism in the world war, we got through the Great Depression just fine, we beat the USSR and won the cold war, we toppled Saddam Hussein that the world does not have to worry about him breaking the 13th UN resolution anymore!, we give aids (financial + human volunteers) to other countries that were hit by natural catastrophes and malignant diseases like Indonesia, Pakistan and African countries, respectively. If we want to surrender to socialism and communism, we would have done that long time ago and Carter would have been elected twice.

SO...FIGHT! LET'S GO OUT THERE AND WIN THIS ELECTION! Let's make sure that after January 20, 2009, we're not gonna see what's depicted on the video below really happening!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Reasons to vote for McCain; reasons to vote against Obama

My reasons for voting, not just for McCain, but also against Obama, are almost all premised upon two basic belief systems I hold: (1) As a general matter, that federal government is best which governs least; and (2) that country is safest which has a strong military and is willing to use it in its own defense. With those principles in mind, here's my laundry list of reasons for favoring McCain over Obama.

1. National Security. While Obama has run from the subject for a long time now, he had made it clear through his own speeches and those of his surrogates that he wishes to do two things that will turn America into a wounded deer, lying there to be savaged by rapacious scavenger nations. First, he intends to remove America instantly from Iraq, despite the fact that we're finally winning. While we all understand that even the best commanders sometimes have to conduct a strategic retreat ("he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day"), it's insane to back out of a fight that one is winning. I don't think it's ever been done at any place in any time. Second, at a time when America is disliked by her friends and loathed by her foes, he wishes to slash the military. He seems to be clueless that, in the real world, you first get people to become your allies, and only then do you lower your defenses.

McCain understands that the best defense is the promise that, should anyone attack you, you can and will go powerfully on the offensive. His fundamentally cheerful personality makes it clear that he's not out there looking for trouble but if trouble looks for him, he's ready.

In that regard, I have to say that I find it amusing that all the good liberals at my martial arts dojo, the ones who are desperate to unilaterally disarm America, are assiduously training themselves to be strong in case of an unexpected personal attack on the street. It baffles me that they can recognize at a personal level that the strength and training they're developing will not turn them into killing machines, but merely keep them safe; but are unable to extend that basic principle to a national standard.

In any event, McCain's entirely successful take on the surge should in itself demonstrate that he understands warfare in the modern era and is the one most likely to be able to protect America from her stated and violent enemies.

2. The economy. Neither Obama nor McCain is an economist. Neither understands the minute ebb and flow of the economy. That's fine. We're not electing an economist in chief. But each does have a view of the government's role in the marketplace, and this view will definitely affect the economy.

Obama wants to push out individuals and make the state the major player in the market place. How? Redistributive taxes. He wants to take more and more money away from people who have earned it, not simply to fund basic government program such as defense and infrastructure, but to give it to people whom he thinks deserve it. He doesn't believe in a fluid, flexible, reactive marketplace that rewards initiative and hard work. He trusts only the government, which doesn't reward action and initiative, but merely distributes pay based on a victim hierarchy.

Fine, you say, but what does this have to do with the economy? Everything.

The government does not make money; it only spends money. When you suck money out of the marketplace, there's less to go around, and you create infinitely smaller incentives for the entrepreneurs who create products and jobs. And aside from the lack of incentive, punitive taxes that benefit people who haven't earned money provide a strong disincentive for workers and entrepreneurs. Why should I think, and risk, and create, and sweat, if it's just going to go to the guy who whined about the fact that life is hard? News flash: Life is hard and life is unfair.

In a large, heterogeneous society, it makes sense for the government to provide a safety net for those who cannot possibly succeed economically (the aged, the ill, the handicapped), just as it does to provide a safety net for productive people who have fallen on hard times. However, it drains the economy dry to suck money out of the productive segment of the economy only to divvy it up amongst those who feel entitled for no other reason than their identity. Even Obama figured this out when he said at the start of the market's problems that he wouldn't put his tax changes into effect (and, mark you, at that time he'd only been admitting to tax "refunds" made on the backs of small businesses) because it would harm the economy. Well, duh!

Fast forward to John McCain. McCain also can't talk economic tech talk, but he understands that people, not government, make money, and make jobs, and have ideas, and show initiative. He understands that, when it comes to the marketplace, the government's job isn't to take over, but to police. It's job is to make sure people don't cheat or abuse their privileges.

In that regard, one of my favorite books in the world, To Serve Them All My Days, tells the story of life in a small public boys school in England between the world wars. I mention it here because the wise old headmaster has a good policy. Rather than myriad rules than simply invite evasion, he operates the school on a single principle: "Few rules but unbreakable." This would be an excellent rule for the marketplace, too. Figure out the big cheating problems, and slam down on them. Then see what else flows from that.

3. The judiciary. Do you like judges to make it up as they go along, depending on their emotional response to the parties before them? Each judge gets to decide if any given party is a good guy or a bad guy, or if the party belongs to a class of good guys or bad guys. Oh, I almost forgot! The judge also gets to define what constitutes "good" and "bad."

If you think that's the appropriate way to run a judiciary that will result in fair rules of law and the reliable application of laws so that individuals and businesses can make future plans, then Obama is the guy for you. Not only is he a member of a political party that believe that judges are uniquely situated to make these kinds of personal decisions, he has also stated that he believes Supreme Court justices should be guided by empathy, not law. And as you all know, we recently learned that he thinks the courts should be used as instruments of economic redistribution of wealth.

If, however, you believe that judges are to apply the law equally to all parties before them, regardless of the judge's personal response to any given party, and if you believe that a judge's role is to interpret law, not to make law, McCain is definitely the guy for you. While not as pure as one would wish, there is no doubt, absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that his judiciary will be more of a strict constructionist and less of an activist judiciary than Obama's.

By the way, one thing about judges: they're all former lawyers. If you think lawyers are scuzzy (and so many Americans do), why in the world would you want to vest all your trust in judges who are, after all, just lawyers? (Incidentally, let me remind that Obama is also a lawyer).

4. Abortion. The abortion issue is actually a subset of the judiciary issue. Despite all the screaming about the fact that Sarah Palin is pro-Life (and she actually walks the walk, rather than just talking the talk), the bottom line is that the president doesn't set abortion policy (nor, of course, does the VP). The only thing a president does that affects abortion is appoint judges.

A strict constructionist judge, one who sees the line between adjudicating and legislating, will honestly admit that Roe v. Wade made up a constitutional right where none exists. A strict constructionist judge will then say that, since there is no constitutional (i.e., federal) right, abortion must be decided either by the states or by constitutional amendment. Most states would continue to keep abortion legal, some states would limit it, and one or two might do away with it altogether.

There is no doubt but that McCain would appoint judges who wouldn't expand federal abortion rights (since they don't exist in the constitution) and who might in fact limit federal abortion rights (since they don't exist in the constitution). And there is no doubt that Obama, who refused to vote on a law that would allow live-born aborted babies to receive care, would not appoint those judges.

5. Freedom of speech. The evidence of your own eyes should convince you that Obama and his party are not committed to free speech. I'll give you a few examples. You can provide the rest.

First of all, there's the so-called Fairness Doctrine, which demands that radio stations give equal time to alternative political views, and then insists that the government determine what views get this time. Keep in mind, by the way, that the people advocating this doctrine also contend that NPR, the New York Times, The New Yorker, the Washington Post, ABCNBCCNNCBSMSNBC, etc., all have no actual political view -- they are, say the Fairness Doctrine advocates, impartial reporters of the news. It's only such nefarious sources as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dennis Prager, Fox, Hugh Hewitt, etc., who purvey "biased" material that cannot be allowed to sully American ears, and that must be reduced by 50% (making it unprofitable, of course, for radio stations to carry them in the first place).

Suffice to say that, if Obama is president and a Democratic Congress passes the Fairness Doctrine into law, he'll sign the bill with pleasure. If McCain is president, and if the bill isn't veto proof, I can guarantee you he'll veto that bill.

That's big stuff. Here's the little stuff: Obama hasn't given a press conference in over a month; Obama's minions went after Joe the Plumber's private information in an effort to destroy him when he made Obama look bad (just by asking a question, mind you); Obama refuses to give future media access to two TV stations that asked Biden hardball questions; Obama has kicked off his plane reporters from media outlets that haven't endorsed him; Obama's minions threatened to investigate all of his major donors; and, lastly, Obama's minions have subverted the democratic process (which is a form of speech) through hundreds of thousands of fraudulent registrations.

6. Immigration. There is no doubt that conservatives think McCain is soft on immigration. But if you think he's bad, please remember that Obama represents a party that wants to do away with immigration limitations altogether. It's a party that wants an open border policy.

Is that what you want? Hey, even if you're Hispanic, even if you're a recent Hispanic immigrant, is that what you want? Keep in mind that an economy and a society can absorb only so many newcomers at a time. America's great virtue, as Tito the Builder appreciates, is that America provides enormous opportunities for those who come here, not simply to take from the government, but to work and to give back to this country. That system falls apart if America is flooded with unlimited numbers of immigrants. It's like overloading the lifeboat, with everyone drowning.

England serves as a great example of a country that is destroying itself through its unlimited immigration policies. Without passing any judgment on Muslim beliefs and values, it is still noteworthy that, in less than 15 years, Britain's elites have managed to create a situation that will see their ancient English culture gone in a few more decades

Think I'm exaggerating? The most popular baby name in Britain right now isn't Charles or Jonathan or Bert, its Mohammed. The biggest religion in England right now isn't the Church of England, it's the Catholic Church (because of the influx of Polish immigrants). I have great respect for the Catholic Church, but its current dominance is an historic irony that would make Bloody Mary happy, but that is, well, weird in the great panoply of British history. And when all those Mohammeds grow up, I can guarantee you a very bloody religious war in that country if the little Polish Lechs and Katerinas don't want to convert to Islam without a fight.

There are less than 72 hours left to the election. The media wants to tell you that this election should be Obama's because he's pretty and speaks well and has a calm temperament and, while we're not supposed to talk about race, he's of a race that will make the whole world happy and let us pat ourselves on our collective backs for being so open-minded. The media, of course, is wrong. This race is about incredibly important issues that will, at the least, affect us for years, and at the most (and worst) change America forever.

Even if you're no huge McCain fan because he's not conservative enough, or you're one of those Ivy League conservatives who thinks that Palin isn't "one of us," none of that should matter right now. In a vote between Obama and McCain, for those who cherish freedom from an intrusive federal government and who believe that the federal government's most vital role is national security, the choice should be clear: VOTE FOR MCCAIN.

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