Sunday, October 26, 2008

Signs Pointing To A McCain Victory - NO KIDDING!

After I posted my latest article, Why Do Barack Obama Unfounded Rhetoric and Radical Associations Seem Insignificant, I decided to do more research on the net to find a glimpse of hope that the American People can still see through the Main Stream Media and US Academia Indoctrination, about what Obama really is. I'm just not ready yet to believe that the ideology of Freedom and Liberty can be easily replaced by the Socialism, From Each According to His Ability, To Each According to His Need, Ideology. So here you go: Signs Pointing To A McCain Victory! Go PUMA (Party Unity My A**)! You also have to read PUMA letter that's addressed to the Republican Party! If PUMA will fight to the end for the McCain/Palin ticket, we have to fight too! It's so comforting to know that we have a friend in PUMA!

Here's one of the comments on the article (1 out of 250-ish last time I check!):

Thank You for this uplifting article. I am a lifelong Democrat and an African American. I was a Hillary Supporter during the primary but I am now voting for John McCain. The same goes for my husband and his sister. I realize that I am one of the 4% of AA's not voting for Obama. In my book principals should trump race, gender and party. I cannot vote for Obama. While I would love to have an African American or female president someday, I am disappointed in the DNC's choice of Barack Obama who is an empty suit that talks a good game. Obama has accomplished nothing in Illinois. The city of Chicago has the highest sales tax in the nation at 10.25%. The city has had 462 murders this year and we still have 2months in the year left. If you look at his record you see nothing. During the debates, Obama had no experience to draw upon for examples. Sarah Palin did, Biden did, obviously McCain did. When I hear Obama talking I glaze over because it is such empty rhetoric. he criticizes the other guy and really says nothing about what he will do beyond his flash card answers.

I am also disturbed by the African American leaders who have been used and thrown under the bus by Obama such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.If Martin Luther King were alive he would have found a place under that bus as well. You can be sure of it. Donna Brazille is a race baiting buffoon and Colin Powell is a desperate man whose legacy is on the mend.

Interesting that Obama delivered his Denver DNC speech on MLK's "I Had a Dream" anniversary yet did not mention Dr. King once. Obama lacks humility and smacks of insolence--the kind that a true leader should not possess. Obama lacks judgment. The media constantly gives him a pass on purchasing his home from Rezko, his unscrupulous relationships and lack of experience. It amounts to affirmative action.Which I am not in favor of. Obama is the least qualified person to ever run for POTUS.

I will be happy to vote for John McCain on November 4th. John is a true patriot and has a deep commitment to this country. When I see McCain his words are sincere and not preachy like Obama. Not condescending like Michelle Obama either. Who by the way will make a terrible first lady. She is a very angry,bitter woman and it shows. I will not let her work through her race issues by being our first lady. I don't need Barack to enlighten me. This so called Great Unifier has caused division among woman, blacks, the DNC and everything else that he touches. Go back to Chicago Senator Obama and finish,or I should say start the job that the people of Illinois elected you to do. 143 days was not enough.

I know how to bring change into my life without this just add water arugula smoothie drinking Messiah.

McCain/Palin 08

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