Friday, August 15, 2008

Jon Bon Jovi for President!

A couple of weeks ago, John McCain shocked many when he released the now uber-popular Celebrity ad attacking Obama. In case you missed it, here it comes,

Some members of the pro-Obama media, ie most American mainstream media, were offended at the comparison and instead rushed to defend Obama by saying that no other Presidential candidate had been able to congregate such enormous amount of people in Germany, or any other European country for that matter, in recent memory.

That argument just shows that indeed, in the minds of many Europeans, Obama is not seen as an American politician, but guess what?; you got it!, as an American celebrity.

Having been born and raised in Spain and having lived in France for a couple of years during my undergrad (before moving to Silicon Valley for good), I am all too aware of the love/hate relationship of my fellow Europeans towards the United States. When I talked to a German friend recently whether he was embarrassed that so many of his fellow Germans had shown up in Berlin (remember that Obama never managed to surpass 100.000 people in any of his US rallies) he not only echoed my sentiment, ie that since Obama has been portrayed by the European media as an American celebrity, he wasn't surprised that so many people showed up, but he also tried to mitigate his embarrassment by adding "you have to take into account that it was one of those rare summer days in Berlin with good weather; surely the favorable meteorology pushed people outside their homes".

I want to propose the candidacy of another American celebrity for president. And no, I am not talking about Paris Hilton. Since my unscientific poll among fellow Europeans seems to confirm my sentiment that the only reason Obama is popular in Europe is because he is perceived as an American celebrity over there, I want to propose Jon Bon Jovi for President!!!

Think about it, Jon Bon Jovi is about the same age as Senator Obama (1 year younger in fact); Jon Bon Jovi has an impressive political record as Senator Obama. Given their similar political qualifications (some could argue that Jon Bon Jovi's world touring experience gives him an edge over Senator Obama but I leave that discussion for another time), I suggest we compare the rest, ie, their American celebrity status.

Jon Bon Jovi has been way more popular among Europeans and non Americans than Senator Obama will ever be (remember that One Hundred Million Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong?), Jon Bon Jovi has a superb record as philanthropist, one that Senator Obama can only dream of; plus, and I hope we can all agree in this one, Jon Bon Jovi writes much better songs than Senator Obama.

To summarize, Jon Bon Jovi is as qualified as (if not more than) Senator Obama on the political department yet his record as American celebrity surpasses anything that Senator Obama can imagine for himself, even with his exaggerated ego. I go for Jon Bon Jovi. What do you think?

PS1: I leave you with the Bon Jovi song that brings to my mind what an "Obama Presidency" would look like

PS2: Still don't believe Obama is a celebrity in the traditional sense of the word? Watch him Barack Roll'ing!!!


Smart-Cookie said...

Ferny - Great idea! Lol, and I agree with you that maybe Bon Jovi's philanthropic work actually makes him a little more qualified. :-)

It's funny, Obama's biggest "sales pitch" seems to be that he's not George Bush - yeah, that's not a hard sell, dude. Roughly 3/4 of our country is dissatisfied with our current President.

Hey, I'm not George Bush either! Maybe I should run for President! ;-) ... Actually, I only have one year less experience in the Senate than Obama did when he announced he would run! Wow! Maybe I should be President!

Nah, that would be silly, wouldn't it!

Experience matters.

McCain 08! Woo Hoo!

Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...


Glad you liked it :D. Keep coming back and enjoy our future postings. I am sure you'll find them just as interesting!

suek said...

I wonder what's going to happen in November when many of his young followers discover that they can't vote by dial in like they do for "American Idol", and they can't vote multiple times. Will they actually show up at the polls????

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the logic. If Bon Jovi is better/as qualified as Obama, an old bad singer who cannot gather crows should be as qualified as McCain.