Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dream Ticket McCain-Palin! Plus, Thanks God MLK was no Obama

My friends :D,

I put below what was supposed to be the beginning of my posting today... That is, until I learned that Sarah Palin has been chosen to be the VP nominee of the Republican Party.
I must confess that up until the announcement I was convinced that Mitt Romney was going to be picked, since he was almost unanimously perceived as "the safe choice". Yet, in another demonstration that John McCain is the true maverick and the independent mind in this race, he picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin! You have all about her in that wikipedia link, including her fight against politics as usual. Now for those who were looking for a new era of politics, you don't have an excuse! The McCain-Palin ticket offers the experience of a war hero who has worked in the US Senate for more than two decades with both parties to successfully bring in legislation that benefits Americans together with the youthful, energetic, and inspiring Sarah Palin. She'll be ready to be our first woman to reach the US Presidency if required. To paraphrase our Fox friends, "Governor Palin, the Republican VP candidate, has more executive experience than Senator Obama, the Democratic Pres. candidate.". The choice for Americans couldn't be more obvious.

McCain - Palin '08!

After all the hype surrounding Obama's acceptance speech at the DNC, I am deeply disappointed. As the old saying goes, much ado about nothing. This is the night we were supposed to know about Obama's concrete plans; about how, if elected President, he would bring about "change", that "change we could believe in". I am still as clueless about how he plans to do that that. But I am even more clueless about what "change" actually means if in fact it meant anything at some point.

During the primaries I was convinced that "change" meant that he planned to put Washington upside down; you know, get rid off the old guard, inject new blood, etc. Do things in a non Washington way. A new beginning we were told! It was a gullible idea back then but it seemed to inspire a lot of people, specially young people unfamiliar with the working of American politics. Apparently, once he realized that it was too naive of a proposition, so naive and impractical that he was forced to bring into his ticket the most hawkish and Washington-like among all the Democrats serving in the Senate, he said to himself "to heck with change". So much for the new beginning.

Tonight's speech didn't have any substance plus the guy wasn't at his best in the oratory department. His whole message message was: "I am clueless about the Presidency but believe me the other guy, that guy who has more than two decades of experience in the Senate, who has served honorably in the American military, who has worked with both parties to pass legislation important for the American people, who has disagreed with Bush in matters of importance such as the conduct of the war in Iraq by suggesting a winning strategy... he is no better". Unfortunately for you dear Barack I know better. Because I know better I say that I passionately support John McCain to be the next President of the United States over you a thousand times if necessary.

And BTW, Americans of all walks of life should feel fortunate that MLK was no Obama. No, this is not a mistake by a foreigner lacking proficiency with the English language. It is a self evident truth that Obama is no MLK. My point is that had MLK been an individual as empty as Obama is, the American South might still be segregated to this day. True agents of change, true American heros, such as MLK, work diligently to bring about change instead of spending the their time bragging about how to bring about change to end up doing nothing, as it has been your case, Mr Obama. After 8 years as a state senator in Illinois and 4 years as a US Senator, even the most faithful amongst your supporters is unable to mention a single significant legislative achievement of yours. And you have the guts to lecture us about John McCain? Give me a break! To quote NY Times' columnist David Brooks: "It’s about the future, and Barack Obama loves the future because that’s where all his accomplishments are."


Bayesian Bouffant, FCD said...

Palin is a Creationist who supports "teaching both" (sides). Put that together with McCain's all points of view statements, and quality science education is in for a rough 4 or more years.

Smart-Cookie said...

Ferny for McCain -

I'm so excited about Gov. Palin being the running mate choice! I love this article! Yes, it is a self-evident truth that Obama is no MLK ... and I personally believe that Dr. King would be proud of us for judging Obama by the content of his character and his qualifications, and for choosing McCain!

What a historic election this is! I'm reeling from the good news and I can't wait to have time to try my own hand at writing my thoughts on the pick. Talk about a Washington outsider with a record of achievement! Woo Hoo!

Yes, Dream Ticket!

McCain/Palin 08! Woo Hoo!

Smart-Cookie said...

Lol, and I was just discussing it with my husband ... we both agreed that criticism of Palin will come off looking bad on the person doing the criticizing ... as is the case as we can see from your first commenter ... I love the way the left think that everybody should have a voice in government - until that voice comes from someone they disagree with. Nice reflection on their values.

I love diversity and friendliness ... we will never all agree with each other! Isn't that great! That's the way we're made! It's a shame that people like the first commentor (and their vision of a uni-party government) can't embrace different views. I seriously doubt that science and education are in danger of going anywhere. Give me a break! (Lol, is that the best they can do?)

McCain/Palin 08!

Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...

Bayesian Bouffant, FCD

Your characterization of her position is misleading,

"She added that, if elected, she would not push the state Board of Education to add such creation-based alternatives to the state's required curriculum.

Members of the state school board, which sets minimum requirements, are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature.

"I won't have religion as a litmus test, or anybody's personal opinion on evolution or creationism," Palin said."

I do think that creationism shouldn't be taught as science because it isn't science. Science deals the explanation of the natural world using the scientific method. That said, I also think that there are things science cannot explain because they belong to a different realm of the human experience. My position in that regard is the same as that of Francis Collins, one of the greatest geneticists of our time. He gave a wonderful talk on the topic at Stanford earlier this year.

I must admit that this evolution vs creationism debate is something that I find mind boggling. Spain, and many other countries in Europe, are increasingly secular however whatever religion that is left is inspired by the Roman Catholic Church, which doesn't have the slightest problem with the issue. I attended religion classes up until I was 17, and I was told since very early on that the Genesis account of creation was meant to be symbolic and that in no way could be taken literally. I went on to be an agnostic for many years until I returned to my Christian faith recently. Still, I find this evolution/creationism debate totally ridiculous.

And yes, dream ticket McCain-Palin '08!!!

Cameron said...

I simply love the fact that Palin was introduced to music from the movie Rudy.

click on 6 to hear the same sample used in her introduction.

Afrolistic said...

Quality Science education is already in serious trouble but it's not from Creationists, it's from the global warming alarmism machine. Bad science such as the stastically challenged Mann Hockey stick graph, tainted ice core samples and woefully inadequate computer simulations get elevated to the level of scripture while honest scientists who explore all the intruiguing aspects of our very complex climate get beat down by the Global warming Gestapo.

I highly recommend you read a book called "The Deniers" . It was written by Lawrence Salomon, a columnist with impeccable environmentalist credentials. This book details how scientists who don't go along with the global warming agenda get their funding cut, their projets denied and face certain ostracism even though their science is innovative, groundbreaking and vastly superior to that of people who are in the headlines.

I would take a hundred Creationists, and heck even a flying spaghetti monster over one global warming alarmist.

But I digress....

McCain/Palin is awesome. Good call.

Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...


I couldn't agree more about the Global Warming alarming machine. To add insult to injury you have infos like this.

I think that rather of a Global Warming Machine they are a "Global taking money away from taxpayers machine". Global Warming skeptics are in all major universities in the USA.

McCain/Palin '08!!!!

TheMassMouth said...

Maybe. We'll see.

TheMassMouth said...

John McCain wanted -- and should have had -- Tom Ridge, Joe Liebverman, Rudy Giuliani, maybe Tim Pawlenty or Mitt Romney. By caving to the pro-lifers and their theocratic litmus tests he has shown weakness -- in the face of those who most despise him -- and thrown away his ALREADY WINNING ARGUMENT, that Barack Obama is Not Ready To Bde President. Now John McCain -- at age 72, no less, has put an unknown rookie a heartbeat awa from the Presidency.

I just hope we get through this, that he wins, lives out his term(s), and we can move on to the next Republican candidate, hopefuily of substance and mainstream.

Otherwise it's Hillary for me.

w said...

"By caving to the pro-lifers and their theocratic litmus tests he has shown weakness -- in the face of those who most despise him -- and thrown away his ALREADY WINNING ARGUMENT, that Barack Obama is Not Ready To Bde President. Now John McCain -- at age 72, no less, has put an unknown rookie a heartbeat awa from the Presidency.

I just hope we get through this, that he wins, lives out his term(s), and we can move on to the next Republican candidate, hopefuily of substance and mainstream."

You sound like a shrill obamabot.

Obama is STILL not ready to be president. That has NOTHING to do with Sarah, who's running for the vice presidency, in case you missed it.

Katie said...

Hey, just wanted to make sure we keep the debate civil. The comments here will be more interesting if we don't attack those with different points of view (and they'll keep coming back to read us!)

VolunteerJadzia said...

Palin is your poster woman for the conservatives and McCain isn't as conservative. If anything, he's more liberal.

Not to mention, she has LESS political experience than Barack Obama.

Sorry, but this woman has a shrill voice that I just can't stand. In addition, she needs a lot of work on her public speaking. I'd rather turn my TV channel ir radio station than listen to her speak.

Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...


I just want to address the experience issue. It's obvious that the Democrats are trying to use that given the evident fact that Obama is unqualified to be president. There are two points worth mentioning,

1- Governor Palin has more executive experience than Senator Obama, is just that simple. "running a government entity" is very different from legislating. Had Obama been in the US senate for 10, 20 years you might have a point; even then you'd have to look at his record to see how effective he'd have been working to pass important legislation. But, alas, Obama's experience as US Senator is nonexistent (since he started to worry about his bid to the US Presidency shortly after being elected) and his record as Illinois senate legislator is extremely thin given that he was there for 8 years. Compare that with Governor Palin. Sarah (if I am allowed to use her first name), not only run successfully against the corrupt/establishment types of his own party, but she also beat a former Alaska Governor in the election. Since he was elected he's been tackling difficult issues not only for Alaskans but also for Americans. On the latter front, she killed the infamous Bridge to Nowhere that would have cost American tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars. She's been also one of the most vocal proponents of exploiting Alaska's energy resources to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. Actually, prior to her nomination as VP, the only imagery that exists of her on national TV is about the interviews she gave on the energy issue.

2- You guys miss the point. Not only Sarah has more relevant executive experience than Obama; our #1 guy, Senator John McCain, is way, way, way, more prepared to be our next president than your #1 guy. Obama's appointment of Joe Biden just shows how concerned Obama is about his own inexperience. John McCain doesn't have that problem. And our #2, other than having more experience than Obama, brings to the ticket a person that is youthful and energizing; energizing not only for conservatives but also to many women of America who are not necessarily republicans.

TheMassMouth said...

To Katie : shrill and hateful is what the extremists are who haunt John McCain websites. 99 % of them did not vote for John McCain in the primaries and still do not like him. I, on the other had, have been a McCain supporter since 2000, have contributed money in four figures to him, and am a Republican Ward Committee Chairman. I am disappointed that John McCain has not gone to battle for HIS choice for VP (Joe Lieberman, most likely) and has instead surrendered his VP to those in the party who dislike him most.

He has put at risk his entire campaign, thrown away the ALREADY WINNING Not Ready To Be President argument, had to re-tool himself as The Reformer -- fine, and true, but BHO is running as a reformer as well -- and all this in hopes that he can appease his enemies and attract Hillary voters to a woman whose positions on the hot button issues are as extreme as those of MoveOn and KOS and the rest of Obama Nation.

Having waited eight years to see Big Mac elected, and wanting Republican principles of free trade, small government, strong national defense, and strength in war to govern our nation, you can understand my frustration at seeing the campaign crippling itself at the behest of our own, very petty band of extremists, almost none of whom have ever supported John McCain in anything, ever.

I am angry, and I have a right.

I have been insulted at length by net-roots at supposed John MCain websites galore. Still, I want to connect via the 'net with fellow SUPPORTERS of Big Mac. I mean TRUE supporters, people who voted for John in the primaries and maybe have donated to his campaign when it counted, back in the Spring, when we were being pilloried by the Talk Show Types and the right-wing net roots.

Still, it is what it is, and I am going to hope that somehow Governor Palin can find a way to not look not-ready-for-prime time long enough to get John McCain to the POTUS moment, after which point he can govern America with his "posse" (Graham, Lieberman, Ridge, Giuliani, Whitman, etc. even Mitt Romney) and let Ms. Palin do her thing with the so-called "base."

TheMassMouth said...

Katie again : Cn you direct me to a website that really IS a John McCain website and not one that is really for those who didn't support him and still show more interest in his running mate thanin him

Canyou & your colleagues make THIS website that sort of website ? John McCain's MySpace page is one. During the winter & Spring it was a great place for Veterans, Bikers, American Patriot types, and other TRUE MCCAINIACS to meet and interface. I still visit it, but since we won the nomination it has slowed down...

Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...


I am speaking for myself here; we all want John McCain to be our next president. In this blog, you'll find only passionate support for him from me and the other bloggers.

Your contributions are more than welcome. I am not even sure that Katie's comments were directed at your first posting.

You might find interesting our posting today from Bookworm where she goes in detail analyzing why the Palin pick is damn brilliant!!!

McCain/Palin '08!!!!!

TheMassMouth said...

to ferny for mc cain: I think you are right. Of all the supposedly Pro McCain websites Ive seen, this one is the most pro McCain rather than made up of those who did NOT support him during the primaries.
This is certainly the ONLY McCain website at which I've been made to feel welcome. Tat says a lot, and I appreciate it.

Tat said, today's NY Times reports that arhPalin really was John McCain's pick, and not one forced on him by the evangelissimos; that he was himself tired of being seen as the "wizened old voice of experience" and wanted to re-position himself as the Maverick, the Reformer. If so, he did that and then some. If so, then I am impressed at his boldness. BOLD is exactly why I like McCain !

That said, the article also reported that John really wanted to run with Joe Lieberman as his partner. Obviously he decided that there were limits to his boldness.

I am reminded of what Plutarch reported Solon as saying when he was asked if, during his term as City Manager (in Greek, "tyrant," but in English that word conveys a different meaning), he gave the Athenians the best laws. "No," he answered, "I gave them the best laws that they would accept."

Fair enough. That is politics. I can live with that.

TheMassMouth said...

P.S. to ferney :

I agree with you re Global Warming. If anything we're now moving back to Global Cooling.

With the social security system facing bankruptcy in the next 25 years you would think that folks would be talking about THAT rather than pursung Climate Chimeras.