Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hello World!

Dear all,

Following the well known tradition in Computer Programming, where the background of some us lies, we start this blogging experience with a "Hello World" first posting.

We are a group of independent bloggers passionately committed to Senator John McCain's bid for the US Presidency. We believe that his military background, experience in politics at the national level, maverickness and love for the United States makes him the better candidate to succeed President Bush in the highest political office of the world.

America's leadership in world affairs is a very serious matter. As the recent crisis in the Caucasian Republic of Georgia shows, the world needs more than ever a strong America. At the same time, Americans want a leader who will be able to tackle our more serious domestic problems, such as energy; a leader who must not hesitate to work with leaders of both parties in order to make sure that the best proposals for the future of America are the ones which become law.

Senator John McCain is overwhelmingly superior in every single important aspect to Senator Obama. Through the following weeks we will make our case to you, hoping that you too passionately embrace Senator John McCain's platform.

Yours truly,

Bloggers for John McCain

PS: We leave you with a video that shows the positive opinion held by many prominent Democrats about John McCain


Afrolistic said...

Sweet. Keep it Comin!

FAQ Editor said...

This blog is an excellent idea and I'm excited to be part of the team; it's time that the word about Senator McCain gets out!

Bob Rubin, County Chair, McCain '08 said...

I'm the Southern California Chairman for McCain '08 and I approve this Blog!

Great job guys.