Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic Convention

Are you watching the convention? Are you organizing drinking games where whenever somebody on the podium says "change," you take a shot? If you are, I doubt you'll be able to make it past one or two speeches. It just makes me want to change the channel. Not that I'm against change--actually, as a conservative, by definition I guess I am against change--but I don't want Obama's "change." Plus, I don't think he's really going change anything. It's a lot of fluff without much substance.

But I digress. Back to the convention...

I actually thought both Michelle Obama's and Hillary Clinton's speeches were pretty good in terms of delivering what they were supposed to.

Mark Warner's speech on the other hand was tedious and boring. Plus, Warner's basic theme about this being an election for the future and not the past could be given next week at the Republican Convention. In case you missed it, Warner first talked about his past about as businessman where after two failed businesses he got into the cell phone industry and became successful. That's a good story but I think it speaks more to the Republican issues about how people can be successful on their own and don't need the government babysitting them, raising their taxes, or regulating them.

Then, Warner tried to point out how he believes America can be an economic leader in the 21st century and how he brought hi-tech jobs to his state of Virginia. I agree with him, but I don't see how Obama's policies are designed to do that. In the primaries, Obama was promising to renegotiate NAFTA and promising protectionism. If the US follows that path, I can guarantee you we're going to lose our economic leadership position. Free trade benefits the United States by bringing foreign jobs into the United States, supplying the US with cheaper goods which overwhelmingly benefit those with lower incomes, making us more economically competitive, and opening up markets to American companies. As a former chair of the Senate Commerce Committee, McCain understands this. McCain understands that economic competition can make the United States stronger and believes that individual Americans are strong enough and capable enough to compete in a globalized world. I'm not sure Obama as a former community leader in Chicago really understands this point.

Finally, we heard a lot from all the speakers about how a McCain presidency would mean 4 more years of George Bush. They like to throw around that McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time. That is true over the 8 years, but Obama voted with Bush 40% of the time in 2007. In addition, McCain voted with Bush only 77% of the time in 2005. In my opinion, what is more important than votes are the number of times McCain has criticized Bush's policies, be it on the war in Iraq when McCain called for more troops a couple of years earlier than Bush's surge announcement or McCain's calling for Guantanamo to be closed or McCain's criticism of Bush's Medicare prescription drug plan because of its cost. The point I'm trying to make is that you may not agree with McCain on every issue but you can't say that McCain will blindly follow Bush's policies.

This is kind of mean, but when I saw the tribute to Ted Kennedy on Monday night and the whole water metaphor, I couldn't stop thinking about Chappaquiddick.

Next week, I'll be at the Republican Convention and I'll give you a few posts on what the RNC looks like from the Twin Cities.


Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...

WOW! We are looking forward to hearing from you at the RNC!

Very good post BTW.

Smart-Cookie said...

Cameron -

I'm going to the Convention, too! You'll have to look for me. You'll recognize me. Just look for SmartCookie... promise. Would love to shake your hand!

On the post, well done!

You touched on the only 2 speeches I saw - Hillary and Mark Warner. I would recommend to everyone to watch on a CSPAN live stream ... then you get to see everything, rather than just what the media want you to see.

As a Virginian, I agree wholeheartedly with your characterization of Warner's speech. That's how he won in VA ... it is a great story. I'm not sure that Warner should take 'credit' for growing our business- friendly economy, though. Of course, if he wants to, ok. Incentives for high-tech and corporate investment in VA come in the form of tax exemptions. In other words, if I want to open a business, I get hammered with taxes, while ga-gillion corporations are given special billion $$ tax exemptions - even including construction costs which are paid by VA taxpayers. In that regard, I'm willing to give Warner the credit.

Of course, you're also right to point out that Warner's great success story is made possible by conservative ideals and policies, not liberal ones - credit belongs to John Warner(R), NOT Mark Warner.

As for Hillary, well she began her speech by saying, "My Friends." Everyone know where she got that? Her speech was convincing to me. She communicated to me, 'I'm doing what I have to do as a Democrat who believes in what we stand for, but I do not encourage you to vote for Obama. Here's what we need in our next President: (list of McCain's attributes)...' .... lol, ok, it's a loose translation, but seriously, that's what she communicated to me!

Smart-Cookie said...

Oh! I also forgot to thank you guys again for the Reagan video ... wow! How appropriate ... and timely!

I hope you like what I did with it on My Web Page ... and I have emailed the link throughout my email distributions and have encouraged others to do the same and post on their sites as well. I think everyone should watch that video!

Lol, let's see Obama try to sue and intimidate that one out of existence, just like he is with AIP's Ayers ad! I think I'll post the Ayers ad again, too!

Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...

Galleta Inteligente (aka Smart Cookie in Spanish),

I am glad that you liked the Reagan video and that you helped distribute it amongst your contacts.

I also agree with what you say in your web, that is, I also thought that I didn't have time to watch a 20 something minutes long video from 1964. That of course, until I finished watching and you cannot but conclude that we are facing a very similar type of choice except that this time Ronald Reagan is not here to undo the mess the Democrats could inflict to the United States should Obama become the next president.

Therefore, it is very urgent to make this video as widely available as possible!

Smart-Cookie said...

¡Gracias, Ferny! ¡Eres muy bueno! Deseo que hablara español, pero no lo hago. :-D (Miraba esto para arriba!)

Aber ich spreche nur ein bissen Deutsch (lol, actually, this is about it!) ... von highschool Deutschen kategorien - als die pterodactyls die masse durchstreiften! ;-)

... auf Englisch:
But I do speak just a little German ... from high school German classes - back when the pterodactyls roamed the earth! ;-)

¡Ten una tarde maravillosa!

Jessie said...

Hi Cameron! I'm an editor at Orato, a website of first-person and citizen journalism. We're looking for someone to give us some on-the-ground, first-person coverage of the Republican Convention. You interested? Please drop me a line at jessie (at) orato.com and let me know.


Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...


Ich spreche nicht Deustch. Quoique je parle francais. En fait, mon sejour en France m'a permit de parler le francais aussi bien que l'anglais ou l'espagnol.

Anyway, I just added a funny video about "Leave Obama Alone!". Hope you find it entertaining ;D.



Smart-Cookie said...


Malheureusement, je ne parle pas un mot du Français. (lol ... J'ai dû regarder ceci vers le haut aussi !)

Yes, I thought the "Leave Barack Alone" video was hilarious!

¡Hilarante! ¡Gracias!