Sunday, September 28, 2008

You Got Econo Served

Sorry, even the debates cant trump this one.

Earlier this week, I awoke to the cheery sounds of NPR news when I heard something that just left me dumbfounded. It was Senate Majority Leader Reid saying we need the Republican Presidential nominee to tell us what to do on the current economic crisis.

I was completely shocked. Did NPR go conservative on me? Did I just hear Harry Reid admit to McCain being the key to solving our Nation's financial system crisis?

As I listened more to the commentary on the Majority Leader's statements, an NPR commentator explained that the Majority Leader made those remarks to force John McCain's hand to agree with the 700 billion dollar bailout. Democrats have enough votes to pass the measure and it has the agreement of the president and the vice president. But the Democrats in the House wanted to interject the current presidential campaign into this agreement by saying that both parties are in favor of this unpopular measure.

For a day, their plan completely backfired. The Majority Leader's statements were basically an admission that when you need something done in the Senate that requires bipartisan support, you call John McCain. Funny, McCain's campaign has consistently spoken about this theme. Harry Reid did not say "We need the Great Uniter, Barack Obama to make this deal happen".

McCain in turn responded like a true leader by suspending his campaign and returning to Washington to hammer out the deal, albeit not the one Harry Reid may have wanted. The Junior Senator from Illinois, well, acted like a true Junior Senator and said essentially "Call me if you need me". "Call me if you need me" is what people who are not key decision makers say. It was completely pathetic and certainly not presidential. Leaders place themselves at the center of the table with all the key people.

Basically Harry Reid admitted McCain is a leader in times of crisis and a bipartisan force to be dealt with. He also admitted that McCain is well versed on the underlying issues of the economic crisis. If this was a horrible dance movie, you might say that Obama got "served" by his own people.

I knew that the Dems would realize their mistake soon and begin to issue statements about how little they needed McCain and how they misspoke earlier. These statements came in a plenty by the next day. However, the damage had been done and you can't put the genie back in the bottle. As far as I'm concerned, the election is over. Just give it to McCain already. The Dems basically admitted he's the best suited to handle tough situations.

As for Obama, we'll call you if we need you.


Anonymous said...

"Democrats have enough votes to pass the measure and it has the agreement of the president and the vice president."

Wow! Looking what happened today you clearly have a great deal of understanding of what is going on in Washington... ;-P

Anonymous said...

I agree, whoever writes this has no clue..

Afrolistic said...

Wow. I apologize for actually believing Reuters and Rep Barney Frank. Yeah, I'll never make that mistake again.

WASHINGTON, Sept 24 (Reuters) - The chairman of the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday said it is "clear" there will be enough votes to pass a broad Wall Street bailout bill.

"Earlier today it became clear to me we would get the votes to pass this bill," said Rep. Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat, who was interviewed on CNBC.

Frank said it could take a few days to craft a final bill.

Anonymous said...

Hey America, what you need to know is,"the fix is in, and it's working." What you have believed about the MSM is true. They are all in the tank with Obama.One only needs to see their reaction to Sarah Palin. Slice and dice her anyway they can and as one person who works in an MSM news room states, "they are even "unbelievably cavalier" about it." If a viewer complains about their bias,they ignore it and go on to edit Republicans differently then they do the Dems. He even said,"as in the fix is in, they don't even pretend to care what half the country thinks or wants.
Wake up AMERICA! yOU ARE BEING PLAYED LIKE A FINE FIDDLE.Also watch very carefully for voter fraud. It will happen!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're definitely right on the money.