Sunday, September 7, 2008

Accomplishments you can believe in

Correction: Accomplishments in which you can believe!

Since I don't have TV, I sometimes am oblivious to much of the happenings in the world. I was startled when channel surfing at a friend's house to find out how much the Palin Hate machine is in full swing. It is both tragic and depressing. While watching CNN, and I forget the announcer's name, I witnessed him become practically hysterical in his outright denounciation of Palin and her incompetence, inexperience and lack of values. The same went for MSNBC. I found a link on the web where some one posts a list of the latest smears and how to refute them. The worst part about this witch hunt is that many of my friends are starting to quote this stuff verbatim like it's gospel. I can tell they are quoting CNN/MSNBC/etc when they tell me "How could McCain pick this unknown person. She's so inexperienced."

The word unknown is the dead giveaway. My reply is simple, I say "Dude, she's unknown to you. It's not her fault you're a dummy".

Check out one of my previous posts and you'll know that I've been following Palin's career for a while, even before she was Governor. But I'm no stranger to Alaska. I've travelled there often to visit friends. I've watched some college hoops up there. I even met Coach K when he brought the Duke team to play in the Great Alaska shootout. I am also part owner of an Alaskan business. And yes, I even know how to spell Murkowski.

So when people sit back and tell you that Governor Palin is inexperienced, point them to this article on the Investor's Business Daily. It nicely illustrates the scope of her 'inexperience'.

We in the "lower 48" are in need of natural gas. Alaska has an abundance. However, while this project's immense potential was known to all, the project had been stalled for a while as special interests previous govenors wrestled over concessions to big oil and objections from people in the state legislature. Sarah Palin though, in her brief term in office got this pipeline through. And yes, while she did leverage the work of others, she was the one who pushed the legislature to get it through. She seized the opportunity that came from high energy prices to make this happen. This was also done ethically. To avoid the appearance of any sweetheart deal, she opened up the bidding process again and awarded it to the best firm, who coincidentally happened to be a Canadian firm. Much of this pipeline will go through Canada making this one of the largest internationally construction projects ever. This involved considerable difficult negotiations with Canada.

The completion of this pipeline will bring in a tremendous amount of energy to the country, driving prices down and improving the lives of all. This will be no simple task. At a price tag of 26 billion dollars and stretching for over 1715 miles this will be the biggest US construction project in history.

Now when energy is one of the biggest issues facing all Americans, both Democrat and Republican, it is good to know that there is someone on the ticket with Accomplishments you can believe in.

I mean Accomplishments in which I can believe.


Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...

Great post!

WOW! I confess I am one of those who hadn't been following Alaska's business but I am impressed by your knowledge of Alaska.

Netheless to say, I am appalled at the way the MSM have been treating Palin; I hope they end up paying their despicable smears.

Smart-Cookie said...


Well, I'm one of those dummies who didn't know much about Gov. Palin ;-), but I love what I'm learning about her! I was lucky enough to see her speech in person, and I can tell you that she electrified the entire venue!

As I watched, shoulder-to-shoulder among the others, I could quite simply feel the swell of pride and enthusiasm growing within the entire arena! It was as if none of us could believe we were fortunate enough to be experiencing our own rebirth of faith in our elected officials to actually have a clue about what it means to be American.

Yes, Accomplishments we can appreciate!

The friendliness and diversity of thought and ideals I experienced while I was at the convention was truly inspiring. And I feel myself also inspired to become more involved, just as Sen. McCain challenged us to do in his acceptance speech.

Oh... and Afrolistic ... kudos to you for having no TV ... we aren't quite so brave in our home, but the truth is that we've hardly watched TV in months. I haven't watched network news in over a decade, but admit that I do lean on C-SPAN quite heavily when I am interested in politics from the boob-tube. Lol, and truthfully, I can watch any C-SPAN segment or program on my computer, so the TV may find it's way to Goodwill or Freecycle yet!