Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Notes from Convention, Day 1

Much of the Convention on Day 1 was correctly focused on Hurricane Gustav. Because all the evening speeches were cancelled, the convention mostly focused on business, such as approving the platform.

Still, it was exciting being there. All of us here are really excited about the McCain-Palin ticket, and looking forward to showing our support for it over the next few days. Watching the Democratic convention on TV last week, I was really impressed by how much passion, enthusiasm, and unity the Democrats were showing for Obama. However, I think people who watch the Republican convention this week will see just as much if not more passion, enthusiasm, and unity for McCain. It's an exciting time, and it's fun to be a part of it.

A good example of that enthusiasm: Laura Bush appeared at the Convention to say a few words, and we gave her a long and energetic standing ovation. Part of that ovation was due to the fact that she was the first notable speaker to appear at the convention, but I think we also wanted to show our deep appreciation for her role as first lady over the past 7 1/2 years. She really has been a wonderful first lady. She has never had a very public role as first lady but when she is interviewed, she is always very gracious and thoughtful. I was glad we had the chance to thank her for her service.

Laura Bush's comments focused on Hurricane Gustav, and she introduced a video of taped statements from 4 of the governors affected by the hurricane: Gov. Perry (Texas), Gov Barber (Mississippi), Gov Riley (Alabama), and Gov Crist (Florida). These 4 governors all described the work of their states preparing for the hurricane and the work their emergency management agencies and National Guard Units were doing. They also expressed their appreciation of the support and aid being offered by the federal government. It was good to see government-in-action with these Republican governors rolling up their sleeves and doing the work they were elected to do.

One thing that I had not really thought about previously but which has come up in a few conversations over the past day is Barack Obama's connections with the Chicago political machinery. People who are familiar with Chicago politics say that anyone from Chicago who rises to top of politics must have had help/support/aid from Chicago's political machinery. Is this the case with Obama? Part of Obama's promise is that he will crack down on special interests, but did he do anything to crack down on the special interests in Chicago? I do not know the answers to these questions, and maybe there is nothing here. But I do wonder if the media has ever looked into it.

The protestors also seem to be out in force. However, I have not seen any protestors other than on TV. The convention and its security has been very good at getting the delegation buses to the convention without running into the protestors. Apparently, some protestors did attack one bus and others blocked the road. They obviously have the right to hold a protest, but it clearly went too far if the rumors are true about them attacking buses and blocking roads.


TheMassMouth said...

I greatly enjoyed the Greta Van Susteren interview with Laura Bush and Cindy McCain. Both spoke even handedly and insightfully about being a political wife and how to handle it.

I hear that President Bush will address the Convention today. He has reason to be proud of how the Federal Government handled itself in Hurricane Gustav. What happened at Katrina was inexcusable; still, if one can learn from one's mistakes as thoroughly as seems to have happened, who can say anything about it but "Good Job Well Done"?

President Bush will be and should be greeted proudly by the Convention. Frankly, I suspect that his approval ratings are already rising. Why not ? He and his administration have made grievous mistakes, but he and the administration do seem now to be getting just about everything right. That's good, because his policies have ALWAYS been correct (including on immigration); it's just been the execution of them that was often missing.

TheMassMouth said...

Superb analysis of the "Palin Pick" by the NY Times columnist David Brooks (whom I will confess to amiring greatly):


Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...

Good to hearing from you Cameron!
Keep telling us interesting stuff.


I am a bit tired of your despising of those who don't agree with you as people who want to impose "Sharia Christianity" in the US. The comparison is offensive and fallacious on many fronts:

1- At Stanford I am very good friends with several Iranian people, including Iranian women, who have had to suffer the real and genuine "Sharia law"; no question most of them, including men, don't want to hear about going back to Iran after they finish their education. Any insinuation that whichever policy you disagree by some Republicans is tantamount to "Sharia" isn't respectful to neither your fellow Republicans nor to the true sufferers of the Sharia.

2- Religion has been so part of the US since its inception that the declaration of independence reads "they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights". The first amendment reads "congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"; the federal courts have consistently ruled that things such as having "In God we Trust" in the money isn't in contradiction with the first amendment.

3- And the funniest of all; while you criticize what you perceive as "Sharia Christianity" you seem to be sympathetic to true toxic, intolerant and fallacious ideologies such as Basque and Catalan nationalism, both of which place the belief in the superiority of their imagined nations, in the case of Basque Nationalism even the belief in the superiority of the Basque "race", over the rights of the individual. The most extremists of Basque nationalists, ETA terrorists, continue with their pledge of killing all those who disagree with their totalitarian views. They've already killed more than 800 innocents, and counting. I will drink a beer any time with any of the people you criticize in the Republican Party but I repudiate even the most moderate of the crazy Basque and Catalan nationalists.

Please be coming back in support of John McCain, but you should be ready to stand the heat when you utter nonsense :D.

McCain-Palin '08!!!!

suek said...

>>What happened at Katrina was inexcusable>>

You seem to be unaware of the rolls of State Government and the Federal Government in situations like this. It is _not_ - and _was_ not - the role of the Federal government to deal with a situation of natural disaster. In fact, the Federal Government did their job faster during Katrina than had ever been done before.
The difference between Katrina and Gustav is the State Government and its effectiveness...the difference between an incompetent Democratic governor and a very competent Republican government.

TrueRedHead said...

Cameron, you ask if the media have ever looked into the serious and legitimate questions about Obama's Chicago connections. The answer is that IF they bothered to look at all, they quickly turned their heads.

They dismissed Obama's dealings with Tony Rezko as an insignificant "distraction". They have thus far refused to consider discussion of the Annenberg documentation of Obama's association with Bill Ayers. How often do you hear Obama or Biden described by the media as "pro-abortion" or "ultra-liberal" candidates?

There is a stark contrast in the substance of coverage between the two campaigns. Fortunately, I believe the general public is beginning to recognize it and understand the implications of it.