Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama Will Take Care of Me...

I'm really not sure whether to laugh or cry here. Laugh because it's a little bit funny, cry because this type of mentality does exist and has spread all across USA. I'm not sure whether this lady is being serious or not, but what I know is I'm so sad to know this type of mentality exists, cultivated and promoted by Barak Obama and his liberal congress friends.
I guess when you can't win the votes of American people, you just BUY their votes! What's the price tag? $1000k per year or $83 per month (i.e. Obama's promised taxcut for the "middle class"). What good would $83 per month do if you can't buy much and don't have a job because your employers want to cut budget because of high tax issue and these employers will be laying off people?

I wouldn't have to work to pay for putting gases in my car, I wouldn't have to work to pay my mortgage. If I help him [Obama], he will help me!

What this lady sadly does not realize is what government gives, it can take it away whenever it wants it back!

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