Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Grew Up in a Small Town, I Am Not Bitter

The evidence shows this race is tightening both in the popular vote as well as in the Electoral College. As closing argument to our viewers, I am going to remind them during these two days Obama's most incendiary statements and associations. I begin by his condescending "small town people are bitter" argument. Mr Obama, I grew up in a small town. Through hard work and dedication I have managed to accomplish many things in my life. In my way to Silicon Valley, through Pamplona, Paris and Madrid, I have met many people from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Yet, some of the most respectable and honorable people that I have met through these years, and regardless of their education attainment or ethnicity, come from small towns. Mr Obama, if you don't get it, maybe it's because the hard drugs that you admit you took in high school and college had a permanent effect in your brain. Alas, I grew up in a small town and I never took or tried those.

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